Lou Pichoun - 21+ Years of Experience

21+ Years of Experience

Lou Pichoun - Trilingual Preschool (French, English & Chinese)

Trilingual Preschool (French, English & Chinese)

Lou Pichoun - French National Curriculum

French National Curriculum

Lou Pichoun - Art-Infused Learning

Art-Infused Learning

Lou Pichoun - Small, Personalized Class

Small, Personalized Class

Lou Pichoun - Playgroups Mini Pichouns

Playgroups - Mini Pichouns

First Group Experience Interaction with Peers Gross Motor Activity Story Telling Initiation Arts And Crafts Preparation for Preschool Learn more
Lou Pichoun - Preschool


Visual Arts Enhancing of Autonomy Building Up of Self-confidence Cultural Diversity Learn more
Lou Pichoun - After-School Activities

After-School Activities

Arts & Calligraphy Language Learning Music and Movement Cooking And more ...... Learn more

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