About Us


Lou Pichoun is a French Preschool that was created in 1997 in the south of Hong Kong, Stanley by a French woman named Suzanne Barroero. It was then taken over, four years later by Nicole and Thomas Tam. Lou Pichoun welcomes children from the Très Petite Section (2-3 years old) to the Grande Section (5-6 years old). Since September 2011, we have been operating in one new classroom in the Happy Valley district, in addition to the  Stanley classrooms. Classes are all led in French during the morning sessions.  In Stanley, afternoon sessions can be either French, English or Mandarin. As for Happy Valley, the afternoon sessions are in English.

Although Lou Pichoun is a private school and does not depend on the French Education bureau, we make a point to refer to the French National Education Official Bulletin and follow their guidelines in terms of programs and objectives. The teamwork our teachers have adopted also contributes to the rich content of the various activities offered at Lou Pichoun, which, besides the academic goals for each age, always put an emphasis on the development of artistic skills.