Photography workshop

photographie-enfantThis is a photography workshop in 12 sessions of 1 hour each. The workshop explores still life and portrait photography, in a very creative format. Different technics are addressed in a simple and original manner (how to make a mini studio, a backdrop stand, how to reflect the light, what is a photocollage, how to embroid on a photograph…).

The material we use is adapted to the young kids, and even sometimes made by them with paper and cardboard. The child works alone most of the time, but also in team in some occasions, for example when we do portraits, or shoot in front of a backdrop. A collective artwork is also scheduled. A selection of artists and their work is briefly presented throughout the workshop, and some sessions might be inspired by their artwork. The workshop includes the preparation of an exhibition, in late June.

For more information, download the brochure.

In Happy Valley on Tuesday 4pm-5pm.

Registrations :
Camille Levert
Mail :
Tél : 9107 3063
3000 HKD (12 sessions)