Mini Pichoun
for 17-2months

You are never too young to have fun with Mini Pichoun!

Your child’s first group experience.  Interact with peers 2-3 times a week in French, English or Mandarin. 

Various fun and interactive activities designed to develop your child’s social, emotional, cognitive and physical development and improve social skills. 

Joining Mini Pichoun is the best way for your little one to get ready for preschool.


High teacher and student ratio. Every lesson is conducted by experienced teachers.


Monday to Friday
9:00am – 10:30am OR 4:30pm – 6:00pm


  • $500 for Mini Pichoun registration only
  • $2,950 for Mini Pichoun and Preschool registration for the following years.


  • 5 sessions per week: $300 per session
  • 4 sessions per week: $300 per session
  • 3 sessions per week: $330 per session
  • 2 sessions per week: $380 per session

(Tuition fee is calculated based on the whole school term every 3-month and no refund in case of any missed session)