About Us


Lou Pichoun is a French Preschool that was created in 1997 in Stanley, Hong Kong by a French woman named Suzanne Barroero. The Preschool was then taken over, four years later by Nicole and Thomas Tam. Our Preschool curriculum thoroughly follows the French National Education Official Bulletin and relevant guidelines in terms of Preschool programs and objectives. Lou Pichoun welcomes children from the Très Petite Section (2-3 years old) to the Grande Section (5-6 years old). 

Lou Pichoun extended in Happy Valley in September 2011 and opened its third campus in Tseung Kwan O in January 2019, opposite to the French International School. Classes are all led in French during the morning sessions (English will also be available in Tseung Kwan O campus). In Stanley and Tseung Kwan O campus, students can choose from French, English or Mandarin in the afternoon. As for Happy Valley, the afternoon sessions are in English.

Although Lou Pichoun is a private school and does not depend on the French Education bureau, we make a point to refer to the French National Education Official Bulletin and follow their guidelines in terms of programs and objectives. The teamwork our teachers have adopted also contributes to the rich content of the various activities offered at Lou Pichoun, which, besides the academic goals for each age, always put an emphasis on the development of artistic skills.

Apart from Preschool programs, Lou Pichoun offers playgroups for 15 to 24 months in French, English or Mandarin. Our wide range of fun and interactive playgroup activities is designed to improve your child's emotional, cognitive, physical development and social skills - a great opportunity for children to interact with peers and get ready for preschool.

Lou Pichoun also organizes a wide range of After School programs and supervised homework sessions for children between 2 to 6 years old to get together after school and learn while having fun. These activities include visual arts, music, singing, foreign languages and more – all designed to give your child the opportunity to open up to multiple experiences. The program is flexible according to your needs. Feel free to contact us if you would like our team of experts to develop tailor-made activities!

Lou Pichoun est une école maternelle française qui a été créée en 1997 dans le sud de Hong Kong, à Stanley par une française nommée Suzanne Barroero. L'école a ensuite été reprise, quatre ans plus tard par Nicole et Thomas Tam.
Lou Pichoun accueille les enfants de la Très Petite Section (2-3 ans) à la Grande Section (5-6 ans).
Depuis Septembre 2011, nous enseignons également dans une nouvelle salle de classe dans le district de Happy Valley, en plus de Stanley.
Les sessions du matin sont toutes menées en français;  l'après-midi, à Stanley, vous est offert le choix entre le français, l'anglais ou le mandarin. Quant à Happy Valley, la classe de l'après-midi se fait en anglais.
Bien que Lou Pichoun soit une école privée et ne dépende pas de l'Education Nationale, nous mettons tout en œuvre pour suivre les instructions du Bulletin Officiel en matière de programmes et d'objectifs.
La collaboration de nos enseignants contribue également à la richesse du contenu des différentes activités offertes à Lou Pichoun, qui, outre les objectifs académiques pour chaque âge, a toujours mis l'accent sur le développement des compétences artistiques.