Kids Summer Recycled Art Jam Workshop Tseung Kwan O Age 3-6

summer kids art jam workshop TKO

Summer Recycled Art Jamming Workshop Tseung Kwan O

Age 3-6

We are very excited to launch a series of art jamming workshops for children that focus on environmental issues! Through an art curriculum that emphasises discovery, application and collaboration, we hope to instill the value of recycling and upcycling in the young minds. 

This seven-week series of art workshops will lead to the Gallery Pichoun, an exhibition this autumn, in which kids will display their resulting artwork! 

Saturday, Jul 20 - Aug 31, 2019

10am-11am  Getting Creative with Recycling
3pm-4pm      Colours and Stuff (Collage Making)
4pm-5pm      Art Jamming

Lou Pichoun Tseung Kwan O Campus

AGE 3-6

7 sessions in 7 weeks $1,890
4 sessions in 4 weeks $1,200
1 standalone Art Jamming workshop $300

  • Small class teaching
  • All material included
  • No experience required - Our instructor of over 10 years of experience will be happy to provide guidance. She creates art programs for kids covering different media in painting, drawing, sculpture and paper construction.

kids art jam workshop tko

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Get Creative with Art Pichoun! 

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